Eagle’s Path (ebook)

Eagle’s Path (ebook)


Book 2 of the Eagle Rider Saga (in ebook format)

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Book 2 of the Eagle Rider Saga

“You can never know what lies down the path until you fly it.”

The dark wizard Sorcier has returned. Wielding twisted versions of the eighteen magical runes, his army advances quickly across the land, hunting down all who support the deposed King. Aiden is desperate to fight the rising darkness alongside the weakened Eagle Riders. When they forbid him from flying again, he and Iolair look for a different path. Tristan leads the Feather Guard, yet in the wake of Aiden’s decision, he is torn between following orders or helping his friends. Meanwhile, Branwyn, a simple baker's daughter, contends for her place in a world of warriors and wizards.

As Sorcier renews his strength, Aiden and his friends race to reunite their people before it’s too late.

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